13 companies have been selected by the Accelerator through 2 calls for projects in 2017. See the list of those 13 products here.

Waht’s new about them since they have been accepted?


Freya Lévaté, which is a 2-in-1 riser and walker from a company in Belgium, has been tested by elderly in France, Netherlands and UK in the past following months. At global level, around 15 elderly from the 3 countries have been able to test this innovative product. Business sessions also happened to define business model of the product in the 3 countries and find potential distributors in order to enable this product to enter other European markets. Some French resellers and distributors were very interested by Freya Lévaté and proposed to become distributor. The promise of a bright future for Freya Lévaté among the 2 Seas region!

Cutii, French companion robot for elderly to benefit from activities and share moments with young people, will benefit from a market study to evaluate size of their market in UK and the Netherlands and decide then which market(s) to enter. This market study will be available in April 2018. Moreover, Cutii has met a French local authority in January 2017 during needs finding sesions of SEAS 2 Grow, and has started a collaboration with this local authority, CARSAT Nord Picardie. Cutii has received funding from CARSAT Nord Picardie to develop prototypes of the companion robot.

Familities, French mobile application to enable helpers to better coordinate around an elderly people, is currently tested by elderly in UK, Netherlands and Belgium. Possibilities have been seen to tailor the app for nursing homes / residential homes in those countries.

E-wear, French connected textiles for elderly, had it first co-creation session with nursing homes in France in January 2018. This will help to better define functionnalities of those textiles, tailored to elderly and caregivers needs in terms of data collect and analysis. E-wear has also attended CES in Las Vegas, which shows off the latest in technology and consumer gadgets. Find come photos here.