On 28th September 2017, SEAS 2 Grow team has selected 8 innovations that will be supported by the Accelerator.
This selection comes from the 2nd call for projects of the Accelerator which has been launched in April 2017.

These innovations will benefit from co-creation sessions with users (elderly, healthcare professionals, caregivers) in the 4 countries (France, United-Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands), in order to explore users’ needs and add eventual new features. They will also be tested in lab testing and in real-life conditions at home or in nursing homes / residential homes dedicated to the elderly, to check their usability in the right user-context in the 4 countries. SEAS 2 Grow will also help these companies to identify early-adopters and define product-market-fit, in order to develop the product in the country which is the most suitable.

The 8 selected innovations are:

  • Sleep Smarter Live Better / HEBE (from Belgium), intelligent mattress to detect presence in bed and send data to caregivers (temperature, heartbeat)
  • Pridiktiv (from Belgium), smart mobile collaboration platform for care personnel, which visualizes operational data to decision makers
  • Klup (from the Netherlands), social application for elderly people to meet and share moments
  • Black Velvet Audio (from the Netherlands), opus sound bar designed for optimal audibility of speech and connect hearing aid accessories, working with a universal remote
  • Move up (from Belgium), mobile health solution for automated, personalized knee rehabilitation to allow patients to recover from surgery at their home
  • E-wear (from France), connected garment to collect information with sensors and transfer to caregivers, to foster independent ageing at home
  • Path Finder (from United Kingdom), assistive walking tool encourage increased gait and overall walking speed by driving a goal-oriented walking paradigm in Parkinson’s patients
  • Smart Power Sockets and Artificial Intelligence (from United Kingdom), multi-sensor power sockets that collect data, to prevent accidents


As a reminder, you will find here selected innovations from the 1st call for projects (March 2017), currently experimented in the 4 countries:

  • Familities (from France),mobile and web application which optimizes family support around their elderly by coordinating visits and calls
  • Yumii (from France) autonomous robot with artificial intelligence, enabling elderly people to enter in relationship with people who want to share activities
  • Entusia (from Belgium) antibacterial underwear for people who suffer from urine incontinence
  • 2 in 1 rise up walker (from Belgium) walking support, mobility aid and rehabilitation enabler all-in-one
  • Knowing better is caring better/ Sensara (from the Netherlands), intelligent software capable of learning the routines and behavior of the elderly and sending alerts when there is a change in routine