This aim of this Tool is to stimulate companies from the Silver Economy market (any economic activity targeting people of more than 60 years old) to consider the regulations and routes to market in the 2 Seas regions of Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the UK*, and signpost them to more information. It should not be considered comprehensive or as a replacement for independent information-gathering.

Users of this Tool are advised to refer to the third-party links for more information and to conduct their own research in addition to using this tool. SEAS 2 Grow is not responsible for third-party content, nor does it preferentially support or advocate any of these sources.

How to use this tool?

On each page of this tool, you will be asked to consider a question related to the regulatory requirements or markets for your innovation. Please click on the sector in the bright blue boxes that is most relevant to your innovation to progress to the next page.

When using this tool you can only choose one option at a time. Do not use the back button on your browser to return to a previous page.

If you are interested to learn about more than one option, please use the navigation menu at the top of each page to return to a previous page in order to repeat your journey for another option. For instance, if you are interested by several countries, please use the boxes with countries’ flags at the top of the page to change country.

If you have more questions, please consider the following contacts:

France (Eurasanté): Sohail Nourestani,

Belgium (Licalab): Vicky Van der Auwera,

Netherlands (Chamber of Commerce): Saskia Bijpost for help with introduction,

United Kingdom (Anglia Ruskin University): Antonio Sanchez-Vazquez,

 *   The 2 Seas region is not an administrative region in Belgium, France, the Netherlands or UK. Therefore, many of the statistics included relate to the full country or some other local administrative region, rather than specifically to the 2 Seas region.