Clubster Santé – Leader of SEAS 2 Grow : Clubster Santé is the network of 220 companies in health sector in the Hauts-de-France region, to boost networking, mutualising and information sharing between companies, especially for Silver Economy market. Clubster Santé organized 2 working committees on independence and carried out a survey on Silver Economy companies’ financial needs. Clubster Santé has coordinated 4 collaborative projects « Concept Room Opus » with 50 companies, to co-develop innovative concepts for the health sector (Opus 1: hospital of the future, Opus 2: optimized ambulatory service, Opus 3: Silver Concept on the geriatric home, Opus 4: healthcare pathway).

Eurasanté is a non-profit agency engaged in technology transfer and business development of companies and start-ups in Life Sciences sectors in Northern France. The regional network includes near 1000 companies working in the field of Life Sciences, Nutrition and Healthcare. Eurasante assists French and foreign companies interested in developing their activities or setting-up a business in Northern France. Eurasante provides many services such as access to public aids, find offices, administrative formalities, recruitment assistance, market studies…

Over 63 institutions in Childcare, Disabled adults, Elderly people. Aims at developing an integrated approach through co-creation sessions with SME’s & research centers, care staff, elderly, families & local authorities. Open-innovation & demand-driven approach to guarantee adequacy of innovations.


Pioneered social finance bonds, over E100M since 1999 / Expert in property, enterprise support & business incubation centres, including new affordable housing project / Embedded in East England SME networks, angel investors and major companies investing in Allia Bonds.

Anglia Ruskin University is one of the largest universities in the East of England. In 2017 the Times Higher Education named it as the only university in the UK to be a ‘rising star’, predicted to challenge the global elite by 2030. Anglia Ruskin University works with 2000+ businesses and supports 120 start-ups. It has a MedTech Campus with 600 SMEs, a Medical Business Innovation Centre,  and expertise in the technical, clinical, business and health and social care dimensions of Silver Economy innovations. Its Smart Living Accelerator is a node in the SEAS 2 Grow Silver Economy accelerator.


Thomas More University College : LiCalab is a Living lab for real-life user-centric innovation in Living and Care. It has a test panel of 1000 elderly and 600 care professionals. Mobilab research group: a multidisciplinary centre of expertise for human-centered, leadingand innovative applied research into wellbeing and technology.

The Netherlands

Since 2013 the City of Alkmaar has found a reliable partner in Smart Homes. This partnership has resulted in an experience centre within the heart of Alkmaar where citizens as well as professionals are welcome to see what Domotica applications can do for vulnerable inhabitants. The development of ICT and E-health solutions that will able older adults to live their lives in a self-reliant way is of great importance. Organisations as well as residents of Alkmaar are invited to join public servants to test multiple solutions to contribute to the making of new policies.

Smart Homes has 17 years’ experience in developing and deploying smart home technology, smart living concepts and e-health, particularly aiming at Sliver Economy, home care and integrated care. Facilitating a living lab in the Netherlands has proven to be essential.

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