After submitting their application, presenting their project, discussing and meeting with the Seas 2 Grow operational team, we are pleased to announce that 15 new companies are being supported by AgeTech Accelerator.

These companies will receive a range of services to develop, test and validate their products with buyers and users in France, Belgium, United Kingdom and the Netherlands, as well as benefit from the advice and expertise of the AgeTech Accelerator network.

  1. Well Watch (Care UK) – Wearable with speech recognition and direct connection to non-emergency telephone 111 services
  2. Wolk (NL) – Unobtrusive wearable which can be worn under the clothes and uses airbag technology to inflates in the event of a fall.
  3. Rollz (NL) – A rollator which turns into a wheelchair designed for people with early stage Parkinson’s disease. Enables greater independence through the use of light and sound prompts which overcome the problems of freezing of gait and enable longer periods of mobility and increased confidence.
  4. Music Chair (NL) – A specially designed chair with hidden speakers which transmit the sound of music or TV so that they can be enjoyed without disturbing others nearby.
  5. Stim’Art (FR) – Brain training and games with e-health add-ons for people with declining cognitive abilities.
  6. Memory Home (BE) – Created for people with dementia and/or depression. By Linking objects to life stories, it helps create aspirations and a positive focus on the future.
  7. Memoride (BE) – Exercise bike which is connected into Google Street View and will take you on a journey of your choosing, but only if you pedal!
  8. TeleFON (BE) – Multimodular software that can help people with communication (speech, language and hearing) and swallowing problems.
  9. CUSH health (UK) – An AI-assisted remote monitoring/telehealth platform to predict falls in the
  10. Unaide (FR) – An online service to combine human and technology home support systems in one application
  11. Nascenta (UK) – Web application to support the setup and operation of volunteer car driver schemes. It also operates information security consultancy and is Value Added Reseller of Information Security products and services.
  12. Mechion (UK) – Platform that can detect early signs of Dementia.
  13. Nquiringminds (UK) – Tool to help better integrate the informal care provided by family and the community with that provided by health and social care professionals.
  14. Rbionics (PB) – Robotic prosthesis for leg amputees and exoskeletons for individuals with lower-limb impairment such as stroke or Spinal cord injury.
  15. Yourmedpack (UK) – Medication adherence solutions through software and smart systems to help medication compliance across all therapy groups and in all care settings

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in the process or to get more information about these dynamic and inspiring companies!