In theatre De Maagd in Bergen op Zoom, the conference ‘Age Tech Works’ will take place on Tuesday 5th of November. During this conference, we will illuminate the newest insights and experiences concerning the use of modern technology in elderly care.

During the plenary morning program and the diverse workshops in the afternoon, we’ll aim to answer questions such as:

  • How should we organise involvement, knowledge and expertise of healthcare workers in developing and applying useful new techniques?
  • Will the inclusion of high-tech solutions make the profession of a healthcare worker more interesting and therefore, more attractive, resulting in more satisfaction?
  • Is it ethically accepted to oblige elderly to wear a hip-airbag to reduce the number of hip surgeries in order the reduce the corresponding costs drastically?
  • How can we afford modern nursing home dwellings, including smart technological solutions?
  • It is expected that the plenary morning program will be attended by, among others, the minister of Elderly care.

Besides that, a number of small companies will draw attention to the supply and demand of their product development, including providing additional information at their booth.
With a view to the international nature of the conference, the morning program of the conference will be English spoken. Some of the parallel sessions in the afternoon will be Dutch spoken.

Information and registration: