Following the 3rd call for projects of our Accelerator, 7 new companies have been selected in June 2018 and will have the opportunity to test their products with elderly in the 4 countries (France, United-Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands).

  • Kintell (from UK): devices that detect change of behavior from eldelry within their homes and that generate alerts to appropriate people
  • Remarkable Lives (from UK): digital scrapbook to help older people tell their life story, saving their memories on an interactive, chronological timeline, that is shared with caregivers of elderly to improve quality of care
  • Neoslip (from UK): device to help applying compression stocks and facilitate greater adherence in the long-term
  • TUOI (from Belgium): aesthetically pleasing and non-stigmatising products for silver age generation (reclining chair, multilevel bathroom, storage system, etc.)
  • Parlangi (from Belgium): language learning platform between students and eldelry from different countries
  • Sleepradar (from the Netherlands): radar technology system to detect and monitor elderly parameters (heatbeat, breathing, movement, fall detection, etc.)
  • Lifebloom (from France): medical device physically assisting disable people to improve their quality of life


Since 2017, 19 companies have been selected by the Accelerator (through 3 calls for projects) and have the opportunity to test their products with panels of users in the 4 countries.