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The purpose of this map is to identify actors in the 2 SEAS region interested to become more involved in the development, trade and access of innovations for the elderly. Click on the actor name on the map to reveal their full profile.

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Actor developing or planning to develop products and services in the Silver Economy sector (targeting people ageing of more than 60)

actor supporting the development of the Silver Economy sector such as regional development agencies, clusters, funders

organization that uses or purchases products/services in the Silver Economy sector (targeting people ageing of more than 60)

organization involved in public policies about ageing

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Description: XenZone aim is to make it easy and safe to access the best mental health and emotional well-being services as and when they need them, using technology to remove barriers to access to support


Description: Remote, contact free, automatic vital signs monitoring providing early warning and peace of mind.


Description: The Care Circle is a specialist in living, welfare, services, care, treatment and prevention for the elderly.


Description: With our self-organizing teams, we encourage everyone to get the best out of their lives as much as possible. This promotes everyone's resilience, vitality and self-reliance. To achieve this, we use modern technologies and work intensively with first-line and two-line care partners.