Do you supply goods and services for Europe’s fastest growing customer segment – people over the age of 50?

SEAS 2 Grow team has done a market study about Silver Economy market in the countries of France, Belgium, United Kingdom and the Netherlands, in order to help you to understand the structure and extent of the Silver Economy in each region, and to advice you on 3 specific sectors (Health and Care, Food, Household)

Reading this study is the first step to identify if your product fits needs of the elderly in these 4 countries, and to better target which one of those countries is the more suitable for you to enter first. You will also find some details about key actors and partners in each country, who can help you to go further in your product’s development.

To gain full benefit from this study, we also encourage you to consult additional SEAS 2 Grow deliverables, and especially the needs finding sessions report which brings more details about stakeholders expectations and practices in Silver Economy in each region. Each country has led a workshop with all types of stakeholders (local authorities, companies, health and care providers, insurance companies) to better understand how they work together now in this sector. This report enables to higlight similarities and differences between each type of actor across the 4 countires, in order to prepare a common strategy to foster the development of Silver Economy innovations.

Market studies (UK and french version) and needs finding sessions report are available online here