Common strategy and ecosystem
for Silver Economy

Evénement annuel SEAS 2 Grow le 28 Mars à Bruxelles

Les partenaires SEAS 2 Grow vous invitent à un événement inédit sur les opportunités en Silver Economie dans les 4 pays du projet (France, Belgique, Pays-Bas, Angleterre), le 28 Mars à Bruxelles : Golden Opportunities for the Silver Economy. L’objectif : vous...

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Are you on the Silver Economy map?

Our Silver Economy map is available on the SEAS 2 Grow website here . This map identifies all the Silver Economy actors from 2 Seas area that are part of SEAS 2 Grow community - because they are involved in the project's activities (companies, health institutions,...

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Survey about your needs and practices in Silver Economy

SEAS 2 Grow goal is to provide tools and services for Silver Economy stakeholders in order to boost development of innovation. SEAS 2 Grow has then developed a survey to enable all Silver Economy stakeholders (companies, health and care providers, local authorities,...

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